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Find out who raised funds - Now!

1. 1. | Business and Finance | Website development
They extract relevant funding information from a combination of Twitter, web news and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). And then they transform unstructured text into structured data applying technologies based on Statistical, Grammatical and Semantic Analysis. And then - they present the informations about internet investments to you.
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Visit Versailles on-line in 3D

1. 12. | Travel | Education
From the Grand Canal to the King’s bedchamber, including the Orangerie, the Hall of Mirrors and the Colonnade grove, Chaos to Perfection takes the visitor on a tour of Versailles. It is a great website - don!t miss it!
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Convert your MIDI to MP3 online for free

1. 11. | Fun and leisure
You can create MP3 and WAVE from your standard MIDI files - online and free. Really. And it is very easy! You don't need to download any expensive software or pay for anything. How you can do it? Using the great service we are going to introduce here.
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Get book best-sellers from Amazon for free

1. 10. | Electronics and computers | Trade and services
Would you like to read some best-sellers, but don!t want to pay for them? Do you want to download them perfectly legally directly to your e-book reader from Amazon? Then take a look at this website which offers list of great books that are currently free on Amazon.
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MapParade: Easy OnLine maps

1. 9. | Travel
We would like to introduce a project of maps today, which will surprise you. Why? MapParade offers a look to World places on on-line maps from different sources and allows you to switch among the map sources easily. And there are information layers with traffic, weather, bike trails etc.
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Get it! Your fashion shopping guide...

1. 8. | Trade and services
Fashion shopping guide will help you to find the best shopping ideas. It is about Europe so you may find it very useful when going there or browsing European fashion websites.
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Encode your URL online - a very useful free service

1. 7. | Website development
The web page we are going to write about encodes or decodes a string using URL Encoding. Webmasters would probably know all about this problem, but sometimes it may be useful - for them and for ordinary users as well - to encode or decode URL strings quickly online.
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How to get a Wikipedia article to Kindle reader

1. 6. | Electronics and computers | Education
Here it is - a great tool to transfer a Wikipedia article to your Kindle ebook reader from Amazon. What tool it is? Kindlepedia. It is able to format articles from Wikipedia to read on your Kindle – or any other ereader that supports Mobipocket files.
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Download great free travel guides

1. 5. | Travel | Electronics and computers
It is not only website - it is mainly free app for Android and iOS (Apple devices). And this app has what you need if you are going to travel: One free travel guide for the whole world.
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See weather around the World - on maps

1. 4. | Travel | Education
Did you know that Google offers one great weather service - right on the Google Maps? If your answer is No then read further as we bring you more information about it here.
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