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Plan your holiday easily - with EditTrip

9. 3.

Forget about making time plans on paper, in Excel or in Notepad! Here is EditTrip, a free online vacation planning tool with many travel tips and lots of tools to help you. Plan better journeys with EditTrip!
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What is the usual weather in any country

31. 3. | Travel
Are you planning vacation or a business trip? Then you might want to see, what weather you can expect in your target country. And that is what offers the website. Let's look at it.
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Free World Atlas - web and ebook

3. 3. | Travel
If you need information about a country of the world, you need a World Atlas. iWorldAtlas is a web site, where you can find such an atlas - as web sites and free ebook for download too.
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South Korea travel tips

13. 12. | Travel
Many of us are just deciding where to go next year on holiday. South Korea? Maybe it's not the first place on your list, but why not? There are many interesting places in Korea, not only the Incheon airport and Seoul. Let's take a look!
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The best free games for iPhone and iPad

2. 1. | Electronics and computers | Fun and leisure
Do not miss these five top Free Adventure games! If you like games with stories, games where you need to solve - sometimes tricky - tasks to move farther, this is for you. Free download of really good adventure games for iOS - iPhone and iPad.
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Free maps for download

4. 11. | Travel
Do you need free maps for your web site, smartphone, tablet or PC? Try XXLMaps, they offer exactly this to everyone. Maps of continents, countries and the whole World.
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Funny Christmas Greeting card and Christmas mobile game

7. 12. | Electronics and computers | Fun and leisure
If you're looking for a funny Christmas video - to send this year for Christmas - try this one with Alvin, The fish, which decided to celebrate Christmas not traditionally on a pan, but at a Christmas tree. And if the video is not enough, you can even play mobile game with Alvin.
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Kindle reader: What to do if the reader freezes or restarts

21. 4. | Electronics and computers
Do you own an Amazon Kindle reader and have problems with it? Does your Kindle restarts often or is it frozen? Are you looking for a solution which works? Here it is! And it is free, of course!
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Everpix: Let your photos be organized

1. 7. | Travel | Electronics and computers
With this web site you can take photo organization off your to-do list. Why? Because it has an image analysis technology that understands your photos and helps you manage your collection.
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Everything you ever wanted to know - in charts

1. 6. | Travel | Electronics and computers
It is often said that a picture says more than a thousand words. The same is true not only for images of objects, but also for charts. One chart says more than a thousand of numbers in a table. And this is the idea behind WikiFigures project.
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Raspberry Pi: An unique tiny and cheap computer

1. 5. | Electronics and computers
Raspberry Pi is an unique tiny and cheap computer not only for kids. And the website we introduce here is about this computer - how to use it, where to buy it, what is behind it...
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