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Send great 3D postcards to your family and friends

Would you like to send 3D postcards to your family and friends? Then try 3DWishes.com, a website which offers a lot of 3D layouts, 3D images and even a simple 3D converter. Your 3D wishes are just a few clicks away.

3D postcards: 3D postcards for your family and friends.
3D movies and 3D images are very popular today. But you can not only create your own 3D photos and 3D movies, you can simply send your 3D postcards as well. How simple? Very simple. With 3DWishes.com you can create your 3D postcard in a few minutes. Or even in a few seconds. You don’t believe? Try it!

You can find here...

3DWishes.com offer 3D postcards for birthday, wedding, an anniversary, but there are categories I love you, New baby, Mom & Dad, Sister & Brother and Grandparents as well. Not enough for you? Then try these: Merry Christmas, Valentine's day, Halloween or New year's day.

Some of the cards are free, some are paid. „Some of the 3D Greeting cards are made with special and unique 3D technique created by 3dWishes. Those cards costs $1.99 ,“ say the owners. Sending the 3D Wishes ecard is very simple; you just choose the category and then follow the instructions in the center of page.

A few remarks
If you need a simple 3D converter, you can find it there as well. A 3D image is generated from two points of views that represent our left and right eyes. But the 3D Wishes development team has developed a technology to convert a single image as well. If you need more powerfull 3D software, try 3DJournal.com.
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