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Create your own 3D photos and 3D movies

3D images are images, which contain 3D (3-dimensional) information about objects in the image. You can see these objects as real ones - spatially - in 3D. The only thing you need is a 3D glasses. If you like the idea of 3D images then welcome to the world of 3D – to the world of 3DJournal.com.

3DJournal: All about 3D photography and 3D videos.
The story of this server began in a museum. And it began very inconspiciously. It was in the room of optical illusions. Visitors can see there strange pictures in mirrors and 3D pictures. The owners of 3DJournal liked it – and in the year 2003 decided to offer 3D images to all the people connected to the Internet. But not only 3D images – they offer 3D glasses and 3D software as well.

A few examples
To take 3D photos you can use any camera - a digital camera, film camera and even a camcorder or a webcam. It's similar to classic photo - if you have better camera (and you are a good photographer) then you have better pictures. In 3D photography it's necessary to transfer the taken pictures to the computer. It's easy if you have a digital camera or a digital camcorder. Then you use 3DJournal software and your 3D photos (or even 3D movies) are ready.

There are 3D tips and tricks as well. For example these: Select a good scene and then remember one point on the scene (a stone, a man, a tree) and try to get it to the vertical axis of the finder of the camera (look at the picture here). Take a picture and then move the camera. Check the position of the selected point (the stone, the man, the tree) - it should be in the same height on the vertical axis. And more and more...

At the 3DJournal website you may find not only the information mentioned above but 3D galleries, 3D links and much more.

What you should know...
Some articles on 3DJournal.com are completely free for everybody. Free is the Free version of their software for making 3D photos as well. You can choose and buy a subscription/membership, which contains an access to all articles on 3DJournal.com, 3D glasses, full version of the software and your own 3D gallery.
(25. 5. 2009 | editors)

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