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About WebRegent and rules of this website

About WebRegent.com and rules of this website

WebRegent website publishes articles about interesting websites - our readers can get an overview what is new on the web and owners of websites can promote their pages - for free - in articles and advertisement. How does it work?


  • Editors of WebRegent pick interesting websites and publish articles about them.
  • Quick guidelines for Webregent.com
  • Anybody can register in User area and then write an article about his/her (or other) website. We offer a written help for the writing - so it is easy t o write a good article. Editors of Webregent read all articles and approve the good ones (they can make minor changes as well or return any article to its author if larger changes are necessary) - and then the articles are published.
  • We publish only articles about interesting websites. We don't accept articles written only to criticise or preach down other websites (for example competitors). There is a lot of bad websites on the web - and we want to fill our pages only with the good ones.
  • We prefer websites with their own second level domain name (for example www.own-domain.com). Websites without their own domains are not eliminated - but they must be very-very interesting.
  • We publish articles only about websites which offer at least a part of their content for free - and without registration. They may offer paid content as well.
  • We don't publish articles about adult websites and about websites which break laws.
  • Editors have the right to refuse any article. But we will do our best to inform every author about the reasons of our refusal - and to give him/her a chance to make appropriate changes of his/her article.

Free advertisement:

  • Anybody can register in our User area and then get free advertisement. Everybody can get up to two text ads. Ads are published when accepted by editors - and when there is published at least one article of the user/advertiser.
  • For every visit of your article you get 4 free impressions of your ad. If - for example - your article (about your website) visit 1 000 of our readers then you get 4 000 impressions of your ad. (If you inserted two ads to our system then any of them gets 2 000 impressions.) Beware! Only honest visits count! Cheating attempts (for example scripts or many visits from one IP address) may lead to blocking of your user account.

More rules:

  • Every registered user can write about any website. For every visit of his/her article he/she gets appropriate number of impressions of his/her ads.
  • There is no limit for number of published articles of one user. There is only one limit: the maximum of written but not published articles (drafts or sent to approval) for one user account is five.
  • Any article sent to approval may not be published on other website earlier than it is published on our pages. After publishing at WebRegent it may be published anywhere but there must be a link to our website (to WebRegent homepage or directly to the article).
  • Any registered user may promote not only his/her websites but websites of his/her friends or customers as well. But public sale of ads on WebRegent.com is forbidden.
  • WebRegent does not ask for any reciprocal services.  We don't ask for any links to our website or any other promotion. But it may be sometimes profitable for you to do so (see Tips and tricks). We pay no financial compensation to authors of published articles.
  • Registered users will get e-mail news from WebRegent publisher. It is always possible to cancel the subscription of these e-mails.
  • WebRegent reserves the right to change these rules in the future. We will inform our users about such changes in advance.

Tips and tricks:

  • When an article about your website is published on our homepage we recommend you to promote it further. You may try to add link to this article to linking or community websites like Digg , Del.Icio.Us etc. A link from your website may help as well. Don't forget anybody who reads your article not only reads about your website but brings you impressions of your ads as well.
  • Tell your friends about us. They will surely like to read about your website.
  • Think out an interesting title for your article.
  • Be factual and comprehensible in your articles. Forget superlatives (words like "the best", "super", "cheapest"...) - our readers want to read informational articles not a marketing blab. (And our editors won't approve a blab :-).
  • If you want to write a second article about the same website then write about news there and let at least one month between the two articles. We won't publish articles about one website twice a week. If there are no news about the website then don't write the second article about it.

We like to inform our readers about great new websites. And we like to help website owners to promote their websites. (Just register here.) We believe we are successfull in both.

Thank you for being with us.

Your WebRegent.com editors

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