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Website development

Add you URL to places, where it makes sense

Any new website needs to be visible - and the best way how to manage it is to insert the url of your site to the right places. You may insert it to some directories, to search engines, to sites with PR articles. Which of them are the good ones and which of them are not worth of your effort? Let's see.

DMOZ: Important web directory.
The main site we introduce here is well known - it is DMOZ, open directory project. As it is based on the work of volunteers there is no guarantee your link will be added in a reasonable timeframe - or even at all. But it is rumored that when it is added then it is important for the position of the linked project in search engines. There are literally thousands of other directories, but it is hard to say that some of them is realy important.

A few examples
But there are not only directories. As probably most people know, the most important today are search engines. You may add your link to the most important of them or you may just wait until they find your site. If you decide to add your url manually, then you may do it on these pages - for Google, Bing and Baidu - if you target to Chinese users too.

And there are not only directories, but sites with articles and PR articles too. We must recommend to add an article about your website - with the right URL - to WebRegent. As we edit all the articles to be suitable to our readers it may really help to the visibility of your project.

It sometimes makes sense to use a good agency to get the right Audiences.

What you should know...
Don't forget: The content is King. Good content means good popularity of the website. But very important is to add url of the website to the right place to improve the chances the people - and search engines - find it and consider it important.
(1. 10. 2011 | editors)

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