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Kindle reader: What to do if the reader freezes or restarts

Do you own an Amazon Kindle reader and have problems with it? Does your Kindle restarts often or is it frozen? Are you looking for a solution which works? Here it is! And it is free, of course!

Problems with Kindle reader: What to do if your Kindle restarts or freezes.
Just take a look at the article linked from here - it is from a blog from a well known IT magazine, BusinessIT. The author of this article has his own experience with the frozen KIndle and even with the restarting/rebooting one. And he was able to solve the problems - and his Kindle is now working again like new.

One interesting example
What the author writes? The most important part is this: Three screws that hold the circuit board in place were dislodged and freely roaming the device. (Well, more precisely: Three of many screws.) It is clear that the metal screw on the circuit board can make a nice mess. So I screwed them back in place and for sure i checked all other visible screws as well.

That was the cause of restarts. And for the freezing?

What you should know...
If you have problems with your Amazon Kindle we definitelly recommend this article. It can help you.
(21. 4. 2014 | editors)

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