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How to get a Wikipedia article to Kindle reader

1. 6. | Electronics and computers | Education
Here it is - a great tool to transfer a Wikipedia article to your Kindle ebook reader from Amazon. What tool it is? Kindlepedia. It is able to format articles from Wikipedia to read on your Kindle – or any other ereader that supports Mobipocket files.
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Download great free travel guides

1. 5. | Travel | Electronics and computers
It is not only website - it is mainly free app for Android and iOS (Apple devices). And this app has what you need if you are going to travel: One free travel guide for the whole world.
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See weather around the World - on maps

1. 4. | Travel | Education
Did you know that Google offers one great weather service - right on the Google Maps? If your answer is No then read further as we bring you more information about it here.
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Great Overview: Where are the photos free for download

1. 3. | Website development | Fun and leisure
Without high-quality photos it can be difficult to make a reasonable looking web site, but the quality picture are also often quite expensive. Fortunately, today there are many authors who offer their photos for free for any use - for blogs, for magazines, but also for commercial purposes. We offer you here today our list of the most interesting web sites with free stock photos.
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New maps of Romania, Philippines, Burma

1. 2. | Travel
It is easy now to print a lot of maps - for example maps of Asia, Europe, America - and maps of many countries and cities; TakeMaps offer many of them. And now there are some very new maps - for people giong for example to Romania, Philippines, Burma, Uruguay...
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19. 1. | Website development
The company provides many services in the field of web pages, such as SEO, web design, copywriting and custom applications. They create e-shops, business presentations, forums and more. Do you want to take a look at their pages?
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Practical information on traveling in Austria

1. 1. | Travel | Education
Going to Austria? On skis, hiking in the mountains, going to see the culture, the natural beauty? Then we have a tip for you: Many useful information about Austria you can find on the MapsGuides web site dedicated to traveling - on pages about this country.
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Read about U.S. Presidents and their wives

1. 12. | Trade and services | Education
Welcome to The World of U.S. Presidents and Their Wives, Kindle Edition. This book will help you find out more about U.S. Presidents, their wives and places related to them. And where you can get this e-book for your Kindle? On the link inside this article.
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Dolphin 7: Create your own Facebook

1. 11. | Website development
Dolphin 7 is an open-source, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured, independent and free software package for building of social networks, dating sites and niche communities. Do you want it? Do you want to know more?
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Add you URL to places, where it makes sense

1. 10. | Website development
Any new website needs to be visible - and the best way how to manage it is to insert the url of your site to the right places. You may insert it to some directories, to search engines, to sites with PR articles. Which of them are the good ones and which of them are not worth of your effort? Let's see.
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