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Great boats not only for baby showers

Their boats are often purchased for baby showers and for older children as well. The boats also make a one-of-a-kind shower gift. And the company who operates the website we want to introduce here makes many boats for weddings and for retirement parties.

BathBoats: It is just about bath boats.
They made their first boats in 1971. "Those boats still float just as they did the first day they were launched," say the creators. And do they really have a website about their boats? Yes, they do. You can see their boats there and get a lot of interesting information about them.

How you can use it
And there is an interesting FAQ about the boats as well. What information you get there? You can read there for example this: "They (the boats) will last a long, long time. We could tell you stories. Just keep your boat away from the puppy."

"Are they child-safe?" "Yes. Our paints conform to ASTM D-4236 standards. The Minnesota-grown wood we use is, well, organic. We comply with the 2009 Consumer Product Safety Commission Lead Test law. We will send you a copy if you wish." And much more questions and answers.

A few last words
If you are thinking about a bath boat you should definitely visit your site. And if you don't want the boats? Maybe you just should visit the site to see something nice...
(1. 4. 2013 | editors)

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