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BBC: A great resource of facts and comments

BBC News on the web is a great resource of authoritative facts and comments. You have a choice of two versions - the UK version, and the international version - with a more international feel. First time users are automatically directed to a version based on their geographical location and they can change between UK and international versions at any time, whether they are inside or outside the UK.

BBC News: Good source of news from places all around the world.
The site is optimised for versions 4 and above of Netscape and Internet Explorer. For hearing audio and viewing video the authors recommend to Download RealPlayer version 9 or above from RealNetworks or Microsoft Windows Media Player version 9 or above.

You can find here...
BBC says nearly 100 experienced journalists working around the clock put together text, audio and video from the vast range of material that comes in every day. The Editor is responsible for the quality and integrity of the site.

The UK version gives greater prominence to UK-wide stories and features. You can read there more easilly about UK TV and radio news and current affairs programmes and to listen to many of them live and, later, on demand. But the UK version also includes full range of world news too.

In the International version world news is given greater visibility and finding coverage of events in Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia, will be simpler here. So will accessing the news in languages other than English on the BBC World Service website.

What you should know...
BBC has archived everything which was published since November 1997. And it is possible to search all the texts. There are two ways of accessing the archive: Fast search - using the Search box on the top right hand corner of the news pages and Advanced search - using the link in the search results page – there are more tips and options. BBC recommends to enter more words for searching – to get the best results possible.
(6. 12. 2008 | editors)

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