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The best free games for iPhone and iPad

Do not miss these five top Free Adventure games! If you like games with stories, games where you need to solve - sometimes tricky - tasks to move farther, this is for you. Free download of really good adventure games for iOS - iPhone and iPad.

Best games for iPhone and iPad: Top 5 Best Adventure games for iPhone and iPad.
Do you like some nice new worlds? There are five tips on games that you should not miss here. Yes, here is the list of the best point and click adventure games that you can download and play on your iPad and iPhone for free. All tested, all free, no catches!

You can find here...
All these games are adventures, with items to collect and more or less puzzles to solve. NIce graphics etc., you know.

Let's add, that there are sometimes some discussions about what really is an adventure game - and what is not. OK, here is a selection of the so-called point-and-click adventure games. All the games here are of the genre of adventure games, in its purest form. And they are free to download.

Every one of these games has a good story, you can collect useful items there and you can use them on the right places to solve some tasks and get farther.

A few last words
No more talking, let's download - and play!
(2. 1. 2016 | editors)

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