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Everything you ever wanted to know - in charts

It is often said that a picture says more than a thousand words. The same is true not only for images of objects, but also for charts. One chart says more than a thousand of numbers in a table. And this is the idea behind WikiFigures project.

WikiFigures - charts, data, statistics: WikiFigures - comprehensible charts, data, statistics about our world.
WikiFigures offers a wide range of data about the world in which we live. Or, more precisely, it offers them in the form of charts. And in several languages ​​- and also in the English, Spanish or Portugese. Not that there is speaking so important, because mostly it is about charts. But the labels in the native language are certainly convenient.

You can find here...
The project starts right now with a set of dozens of charts that cover mainly the development of populations in different countries of the world - and the economic situation of the countries. You can se the development of the population in China and India - with information, how many people live there and how old they are, but also the development GDP and debt in Greece and the USA, Italy, Spain etc. Also included are technical charts, like how well are doing Android, iOS and Windows.

What you should know...
In the future, the number of charts will grow and there will be the ability to create your own charts. Already now it is possible to insert charts from WikiFigures easily to your website.
(1. 6. 2013 | editors)

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