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Detailed maps of world cities just one click away

Even now in the age of internet you may find useful to have a good printed map of the place you are going to visit. If you don't want to search among thousands of maps on the internet try to visit AskMaps.com website - with their own maps and selected links to good maps from all the internet.

AskMaps: Hundreds of maps of cities and other places from all around the World.
On the AskMaps website you can find maps created specially for printing. But it is quite time consuming and expensive to prepare these maps - and that is the reason why owners of this website added a lot of links to other maps as well. Using AskMaps you can save your time, because it may take some time to find a good map on the internet - and here they found it for you.

You can find here...
When you are looking for a map just go to the homepage of AskMaps - and use the search box here. Just write down the name of your destination and press the Search button. You will see a list of maps which were found for you. At the beginning of the list there are the specially prepared maps for printing and if no such map was found the pages with links to your maps follow.

There are maps from many countries on AskMaps, from all the continents. You can find here maps of European, American, African, Asian and Australian cities, maps of selected islands, ski resorts etc.

It is easy to print the maps. The genuine AskMaps maps offer button Print (you can print the map and list of streets as well), the others may be printed using the standard way in your web browser.

What you should know...
The AskMaps website offers its services for nine years and it is regularly updated and expanded. In the meantime there came new maps projects - for example great Google Maps - but AskMaps may sometimes offer something more - maps which are easy to print and maps of cities which are still not available elsewhere. And if you need it you can find links to accommodation, guides and travel services here as well.
(10. 11. 2008 | editors)

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