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Data backup for your business

If you need a reliable and secure way to protect all your files, documents, databases and emails then you probably need Online IT Backup. This business level service will help you to make your data safe. Do you want to know more? Let us introduce a very interesting service.

data backup: What is data backup
Specially designed software of Online IT Backup encrypts and compresses all your files before sending them via your existing internet line to secure data centres, where your data sits safely on servers of the service. You can backup any number of workstations and servers, the software does everything for you automatically. Standard level of encryption is 256-bit AES, which is currently one of the most secure encryption methods used by the. U.S. Security Services for Top-Secret and Military communications.

How you can use it
And how the clients of Online IT Backup use this service? "Most our clients have the backup scheduled to run every evening, that way you always have a current daily backup. The software can also run manually as many times a day as you require, its only one click to safely backup. Lastly you can use a powerful feature of our software called CDP (continuous data protection) it’s constantly running backing up files as they change," says FAQ of the website of the service.

You can easily restore any single file or the complete backup using the software installed on your PC or server. Another way to restore your data is by logging into the service and select to restore any or all of your files. If you need a restore that needs urgent attention they offer a next day courier restore service.

A few last words
After every single backup has completed the server of the service provider emails you a report with details about the backup. The report gives you all the necessary information - on the times it took, the data files that were included in that backup and more. You can get daily email reports as well.
(1. 6. 2011 | editors)

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