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Great tools for working with internet domains

Do you need to know who owns domains similar to your domains? Do you want to know history of an internet domain? Are you interested in a test of webhosting companies? Do you need... ... anything regarding internet domains and webhosting? Try to go to DomainTools website. They probably have what you need.

DomainTools: Set of tools for internet domains search and management
If you are planning to visit the DomainTools website more often then consider registering. What are benefits of being a member there? They will store your searching preferences, it doesn't cost anything, you will get access to advanced features and unlimited usage per month.

You can find here...
Domain Tools supports not only whois searches, but you can search domain names using partial word(s) in Domain Search, you may try IP address searching, invent a new domain with our domain suggestions, use domains for sale searching and searching domains at auction as well.

You can – as mentioned earlier - look up domain history. You just enter a domain name into the form and get information about this domain from 1995. Domain Tools has been tracking the whois history of millions of domains since that year and domain fistory gives you access to their massive database of historical whois records. You can see domain transfers there and use these information for your purposes.

Thanks to Bulk Check you may check availability on multiple domains. Domain tool Typo Generator allows you to find domain typos on any domain. Name Server Spy allows you to follow the transfers of a name server. And this is not all. There are many other tools you may find useful as well.

A few last words
If you don’t need any of these tools right now you may go to Domain Tools blog. It is mostly about – no surprise – internet domains. If you are interested in this area you may find interesting what other people are offering (and buying) and for what prices...
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