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Create easily your own cartoon

If you want to see some jokes or to create your own ones – as cartoons – we have one great offer for you. A website which offers you to create your own cartoon. It is quick, it is simple and it is free. Welcome to the world of Cartoon Machine.

Cartoon Machine: Website where you can simply create your own cartoon.
It is really very simple. If you want to just kill some time and see some cartoons, you may choose from many categories: Business (example: Good news: profits are up. Bad news: now we can afford to lay you off.), Entertainment: (example: He who laughs last, thinks slowest.), Environment, Food, Friendship, Health etc. And if you want to create your own cartoon...

How you can use it
If you want to create your own cartoon then do it – it is as simple as these three steps: Select or create an object you need – a background, a speaker, a listener or some other thing (like a table). Then move it to the best place. And then write a caption.

When you are finished you may save it and share it with other people. This way your friends or other people can admire your creation.

A few last words
There are some nice finished cartoons on the Cartoon Machine website and a lot of great building blocks you may use to create your own cartoon. If you like cartoons you will probably like it.
(21. 1. 2009 | editors)

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