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You can get one free commercial software every day

Giveaway of the day project is quite a new initiative in the software distribution world. Every day they offer for free licensed software you’d have to buy otherwise. Owners of the website promise to present hot software titles and best software authors from all over the world. And if you are a games fan then you can check their Game Giveaway of the Day.

Giveaway of the day: A website which offers commercial software for free.
Giveaway of the day is doing its best to be a win-win solution for both publishers and clients. The idea behind this initiative is that many sites and publishers offer trial downloads, but only they offer giveaway downloads. That means every day they nominate one software title that will be a Giveaway title of that day. The software is then available for download for 24 hours and that software is absolutely free. Not a trial, not a limited version - but a registered and legal version of the software.

A few examples
If you visit the Giveaway of the day website you can see which products are there. One day it may be for example a paint program Dogwaffle 2 which also includes animation features. Started in 1997 as a project to work around shortcomings of the established big tools used in the professional community, it is loaded with fast or realtime filters for color enhancing in digital photos and animations, special effects and many built-in natural media brushes.

Next day you can download there an EXE Password Protector - a system utility that allows you to password-protect any Windows executable file. Whenever you try to open protected executable file you will see the prompt that asks you to enter the valid password so only person who knows the correct password can launch this file.

And next time you visit the site they may offer RemoteObserver - a client-server application that is intended for the supervision over computers in a local network or via the Internet. You can watch what your workers, kids or students are doing, and record screenshots for the further viewing.

Some more words
The software product are presented in its full functionality, without any limitations save for these: There is no free technical support, you get no free upgrades to future versions and the usage must be strictly personal. Every download link remains on the web site for the agreed period of time, together with the review of the software product and the information about other products from the software publisher presenting the giveaway title.
(5. 12. 2008 | editors)

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