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Convert web-pages to PDF easily

Do you want to convert web pages into high-quality PDF files free from any web browser, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera? It is easier than you would expect. Just use PDF Download, drag this bookmarklet link onto your browser's Bookmarks toolbar, and wherever you find a web page to convert, simply click Save Page as PDF and wait a moment to receive your PDF copy.

PDF Download: PDF Download for Google Chrome, Safari and more.
Bookmarklets are links you can add to your browser's toolbar area. Because they typically contain JavaScript, they let you perform actions that are more complicated than standard bookmarks, which just take you to a web page. In the case of the PDF Download bookmarklet, clicking on it sends a request to our conversion server to convert the page you are currently viewing and then prompts you to download the newly created PDF file.

You can find here...
On this webpage you can find everything you need. Information how-to, explanations, and – sure – the bookmarklet you would need.

The browser add-on removes the pain you experience every time you encounter a PDF file online -- reducing browser crashes, speeding up the display of PDF-based content, and letting you convert any unsecured Web page into a high-quality PDF file. The PDF Download bookmarklet extends their free Web-to-PDF capabilities to all popular browsers. From now, anyone can convert online content to PDF for free.

What you should know...
To keep up with what's happening with PDF Download, you may sign up for the PDF Blog. It includes information on product updates and tips on how to work with PDF files.
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