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Free on-line diagramming software is here

Most diagramming softwares require you to worry about things like choosing colors, drawing arrows, picking up the correct symbols, etc. And these are things that get between your ideas and their representation. But you have another choice – Lovely Charts, an online diagramming application that allows you to create professional looking diagram of all kinds.

Lovely Charts: A free web application for creating diagrams.
With Lovely Charts's simple and intuitive drag'n drop drawing mechanism, you will be able to focus on the fundamentals. Based on the type of diagram you are drawing, Lovely Charts will make assumptions that will streamline the drawing process. You don’t believe? Check out their screencast.

How you can use it
„Diagrams are made to communicate. Every single symbol available in Lovely Charts has been crafted with love, to enable you to create great looking diagrams that will impress, convince, seduce, even if you don't have the slightest design skill,“ say owners of the website. „Just take a look at our gallery to see what others have been doing with this application, and be convinced,“ they add.

At the core of the Lovely Charts application are flowcharts. Using Lovely Charts, you'll be able to represent even the most complex process within minutes. But Lovely Charts are able to assist you in the creation of any kind of website architecture as well. And if you wish to represent your organization in a personified way or as an organic network it is possible with Lovely Charts too.

Some more words
Lovely Charts's motto is "You think, we draw" – and if you try it you will see this is not a lie. If you need to create a chart you should consider using them. Signing up is easy and it's free.
(9. 3. 2009 | editors)

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