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Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution platform for ebook authors, publishers and readers. They offer multi-format, DRM-free ebooks, ready for immediate sampling and purchase, and readable on any e-reading device. And they offer a lot of free ebooks as well.

SmashWords: A huge selection of eBooks – free books and paid books as well.
Authors and publishers have complete control over the sampling, pricing and marketing of their written works at Smashwords. At Smashwords you can read and publish novels, short fiction, poetry, personal memoirs, monographs, non-fiction, research reports, essays, or, as they say, other written forms that haven’t even been invented yet.

You can find here...
For readers, Smashwords provides an opportunity to discover new voices in all categories and genres of the written word. Once you register, the site offers useful tools for search, discovery and personal library-building, and each week we add new features based on feedback from members.

Who publishes on Smashwords? Over 3,500 serious writers and 100 independent publishers. Many Smashwords authors have been previously published in print through mainstream publishers, or have had their works published in well-respected literary journals. Starting March, 2009, Smashwords introduced new publishing options for publishers who want to publish and centrally manage two or more authors.

More and more publishers realize they’re competing against free already, and they’re competing against the millions of alternative entertainment or learning options out there. The most valuable thing they’re competing for is the reader’s time and attention. Smart publishers realize if a reader invests the time necessary to read 100 pages of a 300 page book, they’re much more inclined to purchase the book to know how it ends.

Some authors choose to give their entire book away for free because it’s more important to them they reach an audience, or they may want to leverage the notoriety from the book to monetize their fame in other ways. So the SmashWords is a good place to download free eBooks.

A few last words
It's free to publish on Smashwords. There are no hidden fees. And it is free to download many eBooks here. Without hidden costs as well.
(1. 8. 2010 | editors)

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