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Free personalized funny movie eCards are here

Do you want to send a great funny movie eCard – where you or your friends are starring – to somebody? Do you just want to find a short funny movie eCard and add your text there? Try JibJab website. There is a good choice - over 170 comedians, writers, artists, musicians and performers had created over 1,200 titles in the JibJab Sendables library.

JibJab: Funny movie eCards where you and your friends can star.
Back in 1998 two brothers - Evan and Gregg Spiridellis - bore witness to an animated dancing doodie streaming over a 56K modem and it changed their lives forever. Evan assembled a team of painters, photographers, illustrators and sculptors. Most of them had little or no experience with technology, but Evan challenged them to think about the computer as just another tool, like a paintbrush or a sculpting knife. Gregg hit the phone cold calling people in search of business and, on the side, took to writing comedy, because the art team needed concepts to produce. The company produced a series of viral animations for Sony and created the Bananagrabber character for the hit TV series “Arrested Development”. Most importantly, they continued to pour everything back into original short programming for because they believed that building an audience by serving great content would ultimately lead to big opportunities.

A few examples
Visit JibJab today and you will find a lot of funny movies and photos there. You may create and share funny photos starring you there, find the perfect birthday eCard or put yourself and others in crazy dances.

Do you want to turn your friends and family into dancing elves? Just upload your photos and it is there. You may try a special Disco dance. Or do you like Tango? „Take your partner's hand, clench a rose in your teeth, and kiss those eCards goodbye,“ says JibJab website.

And what about the photos? Would you like to be chased down by a gigantic snowball? Feel free to upload up to three faces into a special greeting card and show your pals how snowball avoidance is done! JibJab’s funny holiday eCards will have the snowball effect on your friend, causing bigger and bigger laughs! That is what it’s authors promise – and you can believe them.

A few last words
Since their start days in a Brooklyn garage, Evan and Gregg Spiridellis have grown JibJab into a nationally recognized brand. Thanks to their obsession to serve the best funny movies, and the support of JibJab fans everywhere, the company has grown from 2 brothers to a 35-person company comprised today. Evan and Gregg believe that what is happening right now is nothing short of the media revolution they first dreamed.
(12. 1. 2009 | editors)

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