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Free gadgets for your webpages

Do you want to have an interesting and free active content on your webpage? And you don’t have time to program it – and don’t want to program the same gadgets (or widgets) some people programmed before? Then try Google Gadgets. There is a lot of great free gadgets.

Google Gadgets: Gadgets/widgets for webpages.
You may choose the right gadgets for your website from many cathegories: News, Tools, Communication, Fun & Games, Finance, Sports, Lifestyle and Technology. If you want to ude the newest ones then go to the New Stuff cathegory.

A few examples
There is a lot of them. Google Calendar, Amazing Photos of Places, ToDo lists, Daily Horoscopes, Hangman word game, Current Moon Phase gadget, Search YouTube gadget, Currency Converter, Official Wikipedia gadget, Word of the Day, PacMan game, Famous Optical Illusions, Bejeweled game and many others.

If you want news for your website then you may choose from BBC News Feeds, The Wall Street Journal, Mercury Live Weather, Noticias, Reuters News in Pictures, Depression News, Mental Health News, US Top News and many others.

The choice is wide.

Here is one example:

What you should know...
And how to insert the free gadgets to your website? Just choose the right one, select the right colors and ask for the code. You will get it in a second – and then insert it to your webpage. And that is all.
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