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Free legal advices for everybody

Looking for free legal advices? Do you need some help with Business Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law...? There is a lot o web-sites with legal questions and answers – let's také a look at two of them today.

FreeAdvice: Free legal advices.
First of them is The Law Advice section of contains articles, questions and answers and other information organized into topics. To find the information you are looking for, you just start by clicking on the closest topic name or enter a search in the search bar. The secons web-site is - a free friendly, online environment where lawyers and non-lawyers can find and share all types of legal information.

You can find here...
There is a lot of law topics covered by both the websites. You may read there about the topics mentioned above, about Family Law, Divorce, Spousal Support, Social Security Law, Malpractice Law, Insurance Law, Immigration Law, Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks, Real Estate Law, Tax Law and much more.

At you may download free legal forms for example for Leases and Rentals, Wills, Employment, Intellectual Property and more.

And offers link to a form, where you may let them to evaluate your case – for free.

A few remarks
Legal advices are usually quite expensive, but you may start looking for them at free web-sites. In some cases it can save you money.
(25. 4. 2011 | editors)

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