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Get your great logo quickly and for free

Do you need a new logo for your business, website or just a blog? What about a free logo maker? If you answer Yes then you should try LogoEase, a 100% free logo maker website. It offers intuitive and simple design interface which allows you to create your own free logo designs in just minutes. And then you will receive various electronic files for both web and print use including the vector source files.

LogoEase: Free Logo Maker website
File formats include eps, png, jpg and tif. You can save and download as many as 10 free logo designs at any time. So you can have anything you need. And what’s the catch? „There is no catch at all. Right now we are testing the market and working with one or two professional logo design companies to compliment our free logo maker software. If you need a custom logo design we suggest that you use our #1 partner The Logo Company,“ say owners of Logo Ease.

How you can use it
LogoEase free logo maker offers 100’s of images to manipulate (the owners promise soon to be thousands) and add good fonts as well. The number of variations of design layout, font and color provides an infinite number of logo design possibilities. You may use these then for presentations, a new company, an existing company or anything else you would want a logo for.

If you need inspiration, take a look at some of the free logo design samples in logo samples section of the website. „You design it, so you own it. Be aware that you will not be able to trademark any of the individual images but you should be able to trademark the finished design which includes layout, color, font and image together,“ say the owners of LogoEase.

What you should know...
So you have a free logo. It was easy to create, but can you trade mark your logo? „You will need to seek legal advice first before trade marking your logo because the use of pre-made images in a logo is a grey area,“ say authors of LogoEase. Everything depends on the usage of your logo. Do you need it for your blog? Then it should be OK. Do you want to use it for a professional website? For a company? Then it would be probably better to use a professional logo design company services.
(17. 12. 2008 | editors)

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