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More maps prepared for free printing

Do you love the good old printed maps? Then don’t miss the new TakeMaps project maps. There are maps specially prepared for printing on any computer printer and the number of them is much bigger than before. You can print them very easily – as before – and the choice is wide.

TakeMaps: New maps prepared for printing on computer printers.
You have two basic options on the website: If you need to print a map quickly and you do not need the best print, just insert paper to your computer printer and press the button with an image of printer. If you want to print the map of of any place exactly how you wish, then there is a lot of options at TakeMaps – and you can use them to create a good printed map.

You can find here...
There are maps from all continents at TakeMaps - Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe. You can find here maps of countries, cities and other places.

Now there is a lot of maps from Czech republic. Big cities and even small villages and parts of big cities – you can find it all here. And the owners promise to publish even more mups in near future.

If you want to print any map then you should choose the map orientation, to set the zoom of the map and to set the right and bottom edge of the map. If you need to print a big map, then you can print one map to more papers.

Some more words
TakeMaps.com is really an useful website. And if you are goinf to travel to Czech republic then you can find here all the maps you may need. But there are many maps of other places of the world as well.
(4. 1. 2010 | editors)

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