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Great free photos for your website or blog

Great stock photos usually cost thousands... But this website offers them for free. With PicApp, you can enhance your blog with the same photos used by the pros, without paying a cent. Now you can save your time. To stop wasting time looking for the perfect image in generic image search engines. Because PicApp has them.

PicApp: Website which offers free photos for websites and blogs.
Do you ask what is PicApp? It’s authors say: „PicApp is an online tool for adding high-quality, current, and creative images to blogs and websites – without the copyright or licensing worries. Registration is free, and PicApp members have legal access to the best and most current stock photo collections on the web.“ Just take a look at PicApp website – and you can see it is true.

How you can use it
PicApp provides very good up-to-the-minute images including creative, celebrities, sports, current events, politics and more. And all these images – photos – are free. These images are provided by the leading news and photo agencies who license images to PicApp such as Getty Images, Corbis , Image Source and Jupiter Images.

Adding PicApp photos to your blog is very easy. Just enter your search term into PicApp's search box and click the "search" button. Then select from high-quality stock photos which were found and embed the chosen image in your blog.

PicApp operates on all standard blog platforms – such as Blogger, Vox, Movabletype, Typepad, and others.

What you should know...
The content is licensed to the publisher free of charge under the website terms and includes an advertising mechanism to facilitate royalties to the content owners. By registering with PicApp you allow the owners to get to know you better, and remember what you like and don’t. This in turn means your search is faster, you see what images just came in, and you get creative ideas about your blog post.
(10. 12. 2008 | editors)

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