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Great Overview: Where are the photos free for download

Without high-quality photos it can be difficult to make a reasonable looking web site, but the quality picture are also often quite expensive. Fortunately, today there are many authors who offer their photos for free for any use - for blogs, for magazines, but also for commercial purposes. We offer you here today our list of the most interesting web sites with free stock photos.

Open Image Bank: One of the photo galleries which offer free photos for any use.
Galleries, which offer free photos for download, differ from each other in a number of its properties, typically: Possibility to download with or without registration, limits of the number of photos for download, licenses, guarantees offered by photographs and last but not least, the number and orientation of their photos. For each purpose may be good another one, but most of the galleries mentioned here should be fine, when you need a fairly good picture of anything for any purpose.

You can find here...
So let's see what photo banks offer photos (stock photos) for free and what exactly you can find there.

Open Image Bank Free pictures for any use, guaranteed by the authors.

Public Domain Photos Public domain images, ie free for any use (unless a text at a particular photo states otherwise).

Free Photo Galeries Free pictures for any application, released by the author.

Picdrome Pictures released for free download and use by the author.

Public Domain Photos Photos in public domain - gathered by the site owners and provided free for any use.

Dated Images Old photographs that have expired copyrights and are out now for free.

My Free Digital Photos A collection of photographs by one author, which makes available them for free for any use.

Open Galleries Project that provides free photos from various places in the world. Various authors of the photos.

Free Digital Photos. net Free pictures for download and any application, including commercial use.

4 Free Photos Pictures of photographers who provide them for free for download and any use.

You should always bear in mind that free commercial use may be prevented by the author's right to an object, which is captured in the photograph, or by moral rights of captured persons. Even though the photographers give their photos for free, sometimes it may be necessary to have some type of permission to use them by the architect of the captured building. Or by the model, if a photo model release is not listed. However, in terms of the photographers rights all the photographs allow free use, without any payment to them.

What you should know...
If you have your own tips for other galleries with quality free photos for download and free use, add them to comments, please. This article was prepared in cooperation with the magazines 3DJournal - 3D photo for amateur and professional 3D photographers and - Czech magazine for IT professionals and all those involved in information technology in depth.
(1. 3. 2012 | editors)

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