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Download free photos for any use

Do you need free photos and pictures for your blog, newspaper, web template or book? And you don’t want to pay fortune for it? Try the new imagebank OpenImageBank, which offers free photos and images for any use.

Open ImageBank: Free photos and images for any use.
Good news is they don‘t have any unpleasant limiting conditions. Pictures and photographs can be used for almost any purpose, they are free for commercial and non-commercial use, you can edit them and mix them with other photos and images. All you must do is publish the name of the author (if published at OpenImageBank) and a link to OpenImageBank (but you don’t have to publish a link at every page where is their photos, which is good).

A few examples
There are many categories of photos at the OpenImageBank website. The most popular (regarding to authors) are these themes: flowers, holiday, animal, money, building, boat, sea, fruits, tree, river, computer, island, national park, tower, church, bush, stone and statue.

It is possible to choose not only a theme, but you may let the website to show you photos from selected locations, for example from Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic etc.

Right now there is a basic set of free photos (hundreds of photos), but authors of OpenImageBank promise more photos to come in a few weeks.

What you should know...
If you want to pay for photos then you have many options on the web. If you want free photos then you have less options – and here is one of them. Try it – it is free so there is nothing to lose.
(1. 8. 2011 | editors)

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Wow! Thanks for this info, I just need some fotos for my new web site! D.

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