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Fresh poll for your website for free

Fresh polls for your website and links from us

Give your visitors the chance to take a part in interesting polls - and virtually connect their opinions with users from other websites. It is easy: You just insert the code of our polls to your website - once - and the fresh poll will be shown on your pages every time we publish it. And when first vote comes from your website link to your pages is added to our list of pages where people are voting from. (We don't show links to adult pages and to pages breaking laws or good manners.)


How to start

It is easy and you even don't need to register. Just choose one of the following color combinations and then insert the appropriate code to your website - to the place where you want to display the poll. And that's all. (If you are more experienced user then read the following text - how you can customize the code.)

 look #1

Code (look #1)


look #2

Code (look #2)


look #3

Code (look #3)


For experienced users

You may create any color combination of the poll, set the width of the poll window and change the text of your link. Just use the code for look #3 and change - at the div - the item background to set the background color and the item color for the text color. In the code following new XPoll you may change the width of the poll window (now it is set to 250), the text of your link - BEWARE, max. 2 words! (if you let there link then address of your page will be shown in the link on our pages), the color background of all texts (now it is empty), the color background of bars (now #AAAAAA) and bar color (now #CC8000). The number 10 sets the thickness of bars. You can change it as well.


Links to your pages - when they are shown at the polls

The link to your pages is shown at the poll when first vote comes from your pages. It is shown on all the polls for which people vote from your pages. Be patient after the very first vote - all the links are manually checked. Next time when anybody votes the link is shown automatically and immediatelly at the poll (if you don't change the text of your link).


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