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Free fresh polls for your website – and good backlinks

Do you want to promote your website and to offer interesting polls to your visitors? You can do both in one easy step: Just add polls from WebRegent to your website (or to your blog). Your visitors will be able to vote in these polls and you get free backlinks to your pages.

Polls from WebRegent: Polls which you can easily insert to your webpages.
It is very easy and you even don't need to register. Just choose one of the color combinations offered at WebRegent and then insert the appropriate code to your website - to the place where you want to display the poll. The link to your pages is shown at the poll when first vote comes from your pages. (All the links are manually checked; links to adult pages and to pages breaking laws or good manners are not displayed.).

How you can use it
There are three color combinations for WebRegent polls, but if you are more experienced user then you can customize them at your will. You may create any color combination of the poll, set the width of the poll window and change the text of your backlink. All is described on the appropriate page at WebRegent.

To display WebRegent polls the user web browser must support JavaScript – which is normal in most web browsers used today. The link to your pages is shown at the poll when first vote comes from your pages. Be patient after the very first vote - all the links are manually checked and it may take one or two days. Next time when anybody votes the link is shown automatically and immediatelly at the poll (if you don't change the text of your link).

Some more words
Thanks to WebRegent polls you can offer a free and interesting content to your visitors and give them a chance to vote – together with people from other websites. And you get valuable backlinks which will help your website to attract more visitors.
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