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Free fresh polls for your website – and good backlinks

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Do you want to promote your website and to offer interesting polls to your visitors? You can do both in one easy step: Just add polls from WebRegent to your website (or to your blog). Your visitors will be able to vote in these polls and you get free backlinks to your pages.
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The size
How do I set the size of the poll?
author: Jack | inserted: 02. 02. 2009, 12:21:12 | answer 
How to set the size
You may set the width - using the second parameter of XPoll (now 250). And you may set the div's (id poll) size at your will of course. The height is set automaticaly depending on the number of questions in a poll.
author: Editors | inserted: 02. 02. 2009, 13:01:53 | answer 

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