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Get your new software products for free

TrialPay is an interesting service. Why? It offers 2-for-1 with every shopping on the web. How does it work? Shoppers get their original product for free by completing one offer from blue-chip advertisers. With TrialPay, everyone can win. Merchants make more sales from their current traffic, advertisers acquire new customers on a pay-for performance basis and shoppers get a free product with every purchase.

TrialPay: A service which offers 2-for-1 with every shopping on the web.
TrialPay works with more than 6,000 premium merchants, including McAfee, The Wall Street Journal, Skype, and other companies producing software, games, publishing, online services and retail. TrialPay currently has more than 12 million registered users and offers 2,000 ways to pay by transacting with namebrand advertisers.

How you can use it
TrialPay is a payment method similar to Visa, MasterCard, PayPal etc. But with TrialPay shopper gets a free product with every transaction. How? He (or she) must complete one offer from any of TrialPay preferred partners - and then can get his (or her) original product for free. The partner pays for the free product to encourage customers to become their new customers.

After completing a preferred offer, TrialPay will send the shopper an e-mail with all the details (download link, serial number, etc.) of the free product. It sounds easy and it is.

TrialPay lets online merchants leverage the brand recognition of their advertisers (Blockbuster, and Gap etc.) to convert their customers. By sending flowers from FTD or subscribing to Blockbuster, customers get the merchant’s product for free. And the advertiser pays a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) that equals or exceeds the merchant’s regular price.

If you offer a product and are interested in cooperation with TrialPay you can make the deal. Then just place the TrialPay payment option everywhere customers exit without purchasing and anywhere else you want to increase conversion (e-mails, Web site, trial upgrades, etc.). TrialPay matches your customers with offers from brands they already have an affinity for, such as Gap, eBay or FTD. A customer chooses one advertiser offer and gets your product for free.

A few last words
If you like the 2-for-1 offers or you are a seller then TrialPay may be the right choice for you. Just think about it. There is nothing to be lost.
(15. 11. 2008 | editors)

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