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Let all the people know – about your website

FreeTellaFriend is a free service to allow your visitors to share your website with their friends. The idea behind is simple: you place a special button on your website and when your visitor decides to tell their friend about your website, they just click this button. The service supports all the major e-mail providers and its implementation is very simple.

FreeTellaFriend: A free service to allow your visitors to share your website with their friends.
The great addition to FreeTellaFriend is your visitor can enter their e-mail username and password and our system will automatically retrieve their contact list. Thereafter they can choose who to e-mail the website to. The authors of the service say: „If one user decides to e-mail all their contacts, your website will be exposed to over 50 friends - on average.“

How you can use it
FreeTellaFriend service suports MSN Hotmail, Windows Live, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL Mail, Lycos Mail and They promise security – as they are GeoTrust SSL Certified. So all the details entered into their website should be secured.

There is a lot of information which can help you to use the button on your pages. In the FAQ you can read for example: „You can change the settings of your invitation page by creating an account here and then add a your website in and make changes.“ or „We do not save any information that you enter, nor do we save e-mail addresses that you send to.“

There is a simple page where you can get your code. You can use a button or a text link on your website. And both is customizable. You just need to carefully select the options that best suit you and submit the form to receive your code.

What you should know...
Using of the FreeTellaFriend services is free. And the authors promise they don't intend to remove this free access at any point. They say: „We may include an extra option with costs in the future for those who want extras. The revenue we receive will help us maintain the demands for this service.“ All you need to do to use this service is to add a piece of HTML code to your pages. FreeTellaFriend offers a guide to install their button on the following systems: Blogger, WordPress, vBulletin Board, InvisionPower and phpBB Forums.
(14. 11. 2008 | editors)

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