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Travel guides free to download

Many people like to travel with printed travel guides. They are very useful - they help to find the best places to see, to eat, to stay, to entertain. But they are heavy as well. Electronic travel guides may be a better choice - and at Guides Ebooks you can download them for free.

Guides e-Books: Travel Guides - an easy to use tool to download free travel guides using WikiVoyage.
Ebook travel guides from GuidesEbooks are electronic books created exactly in the moment you download them. It allows them to be always up to date. Where is the content from? Why they are free? How good they are - compared to, for example, Lonely Planet guides or Rough Guides? Let's see the answers!

You can find here...
Content of the guides is created by travellers like you - so it is possible to find there many places not described in the mainstream travel guides. The GuidesEbooks website provides just the right tool: You can press three buttons to prepare an empty book, to insert all the content about selected country and to download. The content is prepared from - and at - the famous website WikiVoyage.

You can prepare the travel guides directly at WikiVoyage without any help, but it will be a tedious work, as you would have to add all the content page by page. GuidesEbooks will do this for you - it can add the content for whole contry by just one click.

Just choose any continent of The World from the list, then choose a country where you want to go and your travel guide is just a few clicks away.

What you should know...
You can download the travel guide in ebook, pdf and other formats. If the right format is missing, you can convert epub to any other format - like, for example, mobi and prc for Kindle - using Calibre software. How to do it? You can read about it at GuidesEbooks, but it is very easy. So - try it! It is easy and it is free to download the guides from GuidesEbooks!
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