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Download great free travel guides

It is not only website - it is mainly free app for Android and iOS (Apple devices). And this app has what you need if you are going to travel: One free travel guide for the whole world.

Triposo: Website abou an mobile application with travel guides.
So it's free - and it works offline. Triposo offers you a very good travel guide for your phone. Quite complete and up to date information from many open sources. And handy maps - working offline too. You may download city or country guides and use them offline while you travel.

How you can use it
It is easy. Just start the Triposo Travel Guide and pick the country you will be visiting. The download starts immediately. As we said you can download it once and the guides works offline.

The guide includes an overview map for the country and usually detailed city maps for the top cities as well. For major cities, you can get special city guides with information about the major sights, a list of great restaurants and different nightlife options.

What you should know...
Triposo gives smart suggestions based on your location and time. It suggests for example a great coffee place nearby - maybe just when you need a shot of caffeine. And Triposo lets you log your trip effortlessly and creates a nice looking travel log for you.
(1. 5. 2012 | editors)

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