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Free video conferencing for everybody

Video conferencing today is complicated. It typically requires cumbersome downloads, logins, and endless contact lists, it too often becomes a service that is slow and unreliable. Looking for a better solution? Try tinychat.

Tinychat: Free online video conferencing for everybody.
Tinychat delivers very simple video conferences without the extraneous ad-ons and inconvenience, making video conferencing an accessible, uncomplicated experience. It works on all operating systems - Windows, Mac and Linux, with most browsers - Firefox, IE, Safari, and Chrome. And there is even a version available for iPhones.

How you can use it
You can have up to twelve people in a room with HQ video, all protected by passwords and moderators. You may share your desktop with them and your conferences can be recorded and embedded on your website.

But the best news is this: Tinychat provides all of these awesome features in a package that is attractive, streamlined, and easy to understand. Tinychat is the ultimate meeting solution for those who want to meet without stress and hassle.

If you want just to try this service then do it. It is as simple as click, click, click. Just enter your nickname and you are in the game.

A few remarks
Each Tinychat room currently supports up to 200 concurrent chat participants and up to 12 simultaneous audio, video broadcasts. If you need more functions than the free version offers then you may buy paid membership.
(1. 9. 2009 | editors)

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