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Find out who raised funds - Now!

They extract relevant funding information from a combination of Twitter, web news and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). And then they transform unstructured text into structured data applying technologies based on Statistical, Grammatical and Semantic Analysis. And then - they present the informations about internet investments to you. See what internet projects got funded.
Their target is to create a complete picture of each funding event which takes place. The creators of say that more than 2 million news stories are analyzed every day to bring you details of the latest transactions and deals closed. You can see them in comprehensible tables.

How you can use it presents information in a simple, straightforward format. So all the important details can be gleaned easily. At a glance you can see who received funds, how much was invested, investor name, industry and geographical region.

And there are some useful tools too. You can for example filter deal results for industry and location by selecting from a special drop down menu at the top left corner of the site. Soon you will be able to filter results for companies and investors alphabetically, by location or industry. And more improvements are on the way.

What you should know...
If you are interested in the world of internet investments then don't miss this great tool.
(1. 1. 2013 | editors)

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