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Funny Christmas Greeting card and Christmas mobile game

If you're looking for a funny Christmas video - to send this year for Christmas - try this one with Alvin, The fish, which decided to celebrate Christmas not traditionally on a pan, but at a Christmas tree. And if the video is not enough, you can even play mobile game with Alvin.

GameStylus mobile games: Here you can download mobile games but also create them. No programming necessary!
Alvin is a normal little fish - except that one day he finds in an old ship-wreck a book in which he learns how to celebrate Christmas. He falls in love with the image of Christmas tree. But where in the sea he can get a Christmas tree and how he can decorate it?

A few examples
Alvin and his Christmas is just one of the games that can be found on the website GameStylus. And you can create your own games for Android there as well - without programming.

If you want just send Alvin's Christmas funny video-wishes - it is >>here<<, you don't even have to much worry about it. In the video, everything is simple - Alvin mentions human habits and also that he would quite like to celebrate Christmas. Not on the pan...

When you decide to play Alvin's mobile game - it is >>here<<, you have something to thing about. But it's not terribly difficult! Alvin's Christmas Adventure is actually a total relaxed classic Christmas cartoon adventure. But - classical - except the fact that there is a fish as the main hero...

What you should know...
And the authors will certainly be thankful if you buy the games - and support their future work. The game is very cheap. And by the way: At GameStylus.com, where this game was created, can anybody make gamesfor Android! How? Take a look! It is easy and no programming is necessary! Give it a try!
(7. 12. 2014 | editors)

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