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Add new pages into your Google search results quickly

Google launched On-Demand Indexing, a new feature for Google Site Search that allows website owners to quickly incorporate new pages and important site updates into search results on their websites. On-Demand Indexing ensures that your site visitors have access to your freshest content. This way you have the flexibility to share news, product releases and promotions as they happen.

Google On-Demand Indexing: A new feature of Google Site Search that allows to quickly add new pages into search results.
With On-Demand Indexing site owners get an "Index Now" button to quickly and easily update their site search results with new and updated content. New pages are searchable within hours – taking no longer than a day to appear within site search results.

One interesting example
The new feature has allowed for example Adobe to easily keep their new online Adobe Community Help up to date. “On-Demand Indexing was essential for our recent launch of Adobe Creative Suite 4, the biggest software release in the company’s history,” said Tanya Wendling, senior director for Learning Resources at Adobe. “Google Site Search made it easy to implement search across our Creative Suite product line and online sites, and we are now able to index thousands of new pages and make them available to millions of users worldwide within hours,” added Tanya Wendling.

Google Site Search, cloud-based search solution for business, helps thousands of organizations harness the power of, and fully customize search to suit their websites. Along with the greater control of On-Demand Indexing, site owners get the same ease of use and fast results of Google Site Search, including set up that takes minutes and results returned in less than a second, the ability to promote new or certain types of pages at the top of results, full customization controls over the look and feel of search and a range of options for phone and email support.

A few last words
Anyone with a website can take advantage of On-Demand Indexing by signing up for Google Site Search. For more information about On-Demand Indexing, and how Google Site Search can help your website, check out the visit Google pages.
(14. 11. 2008 | editors)

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