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Practical information on traveling in Austria

Going to Austria? On skis, hiking in the mountains, going to see the culture, the natural beauty? Then we have a tip for you: Many useful information about Austria you can find on the MapsGuides web site dedicated to traveling - on pages about this country.

Austria - travel guide with maps and weather: All you need to know when deciding about a trip to Austria.
As usually the MapsGuides portal offers a concise and clear view of the country, so again you'll find a basic practical information here: from the price level through the links to local public transport to the weather information. There is also a general map, both the whole of Austria (from Google Maps) and selected cities.

You can find here...
The web site also provides both an overview of the biggest tourist attractions in Austria and also information on public transport, accommodation in Austria, the weather - the historical and current, organized trips and also about available guides.

You will also find two basic recommended routes here if you wanted to go across Austria. But even if you go for one specific objective, you will find many useful information here - the aforementioned accommodation, weather or organized tours.

What you should know...
MapsGuides web site is not a comprehensive guidebook, but it offers a concise, clear and quick overview of each country - and now also Austria. So if you are going to Austria, we strongly recommend to visit this site.
(1. 1. 2012 | editors)

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