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Watch or share your video in HD resolution

Do you want to upload and share your videos with anyone, watch great videos, meet new people, and explore the amazing world of personal video? Do you think the services you know don’t meet your needs? Try Vimeo. This service offers interesting features including HD video and some sample videos taken by new HD digital cameras.

Vimeo: Service for upload and sharing of videos, supports HD video.
Vimeo makes it easy for you to upload any kind of video you make. You get 500 megabytes of storage every week, and they keep the original files so you (or others) can download them at anytime. The video quality at Vimeo is outstanding so your videos will always look the best. They even support High Definition, HD.

How you can use it
With a click of a button, Vimeo lets you share a video - or albums of videos - with anyone you want. The owners of this service offer robust privacy controls so you can choose exactly who views your videos. And you can even post videos on other sites like Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, or Digg.

You may interact with people at Vimeo as well. Add the people you meet as contacts and subscribe to their videos so you always see what they upload. You may start conversations with your friends by commenting on videos and join a community of people who respect the videos you make.

And if it is not enough for you the you may want to try Vimeo Plus - an affordable way for you to take your Vimeo experience to the next level. It's Vimeo enhanced to give you more control and more freedom for your videos.

What you should know...
Because of the high quality of videos at Vimeo this service is often used to display sample movies taken by new digital movie (or still) cameras. You can see there sample footages taken by Canon VIXIA HF100 HD camera, Samsung VP-HMX 20C, Sony HDR CX105E, Canon Legria HF200 and many others. These sample videos – and added comments and reviews - can help you to choose the right camera for you.
(20. 4. 2009 | editors)

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