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Hotels with free Internet access and Wi-Fi

If you are on vacation or on a business trip then you probably want a hotel with an Internet connection. It is fairly standard requirement today. But how to find an accommodation to meet this need? We have a tip on the site, which currently classifies hotels according to Internet access.

Free WiFi Hotel: Hotels with internet access and with free wifi.
Some people just need any internet in the hotel to be available - and it may be paid or free, it may be wired or wireless. Other travelers or employees on business trips are more demanding and have a clear idea what they want. They for example want wi-fi in their room.

A few examples
On the Free WiFi Hotel website there are available tens of thousands of hotels from around the world, which offer wireless internet access through wi-fi and wired internet access, and in the best case for free, in the worst paid.

Hotels in each city you can sort according to their access to the Internet and by their price too. At every hotel there is also a map of its locations and more details on each hotel in many languages.

A few remarks
Next time you travel - if you want a hotel ¨with an internet connection - be sure to head over to the Free Wifi Hotel. We guess you'll find what you're looking for there.
(3. 12. 2010 | editors)

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