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How much you can earn on the web

Many people boast about how much money they earn on the web. Some people are happy with just a few bucks per month, others are still waiting for their first income. And there are people with many thousands dollars of revenue per month. And how about you? How much money your websites bring to you personally? What are your targets? Do the people talking about millions pumping from their websites say the truth? Vote and tell your opinion to people around here.

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Still no good news
Still most people vote under $30 per month. It is sad. The only good thing is that from my last visit there are some votes for earnings on the internet more than $10000 :).
author: Gogo | inserted: 29. 05. 2011, 19:48:51 | answer 
How sad that so many are earning so little when there's plenty of good advice available.
author: Allan Gardyne | inserted: 19. 02. 2009, 03:43:30 | answer 
How sad you haven't add any here :)
author: Uio | inserted: 21. 02. 2009, 15:16:31 | answer 
Ok, I have found your webpages from your e-mail... You are right...
author: Uio | inserted: 21. 02. 2009, 15:18:31 | answer 
Most people here earn less than 30 USD per month? You should probably start another budiness then :-))
author: Gogo | inserted: 02. 02. 2009, 19:51:36 | answer 
And what about you?
author: vivi | inserted: 12. 02. 2009, 16:20:42 | answer 
He probably makes ZERO :)
author: Diid | inserted: 18. 02. 2009, 01:32:48
One choice is missing
missing Much more than 10,000 :-))). Sorry I wont vote for just morethan 10,000 :-))).
author: Yuri | inserted: 29. 01. 2009, 23:11:00 | answer 
How do you people earn your money?
Hey, you over 500, whats your business on the web? Do you sell something (I mean something I can touch or some software) or just make your living from ads?
author: Robert | inserted: 28. 01. 2009, 19:05:50 | answer 
Just a blog
with AdSense and a few paid links
author: Thomas | inserted: 29. 01. 2009, 16:02:10 | answer 
And this makes more than 500 bucks?
author: ??? | inserted: 30. 01. 2009, 18:30:00
Without problems :)
author: Thomas | inserted: 31. 01. 2009, 13:31:12

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