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Get the really independent reviews on IT

The IT Reviews website went live in June 1998 to provide independent reviews of IT hardware, software, services and games to everyone interested in, or involved in, the world of Information Technology. It is published by, and is a trading name and trade mark of, Unusual Publishing Ltd, a UK-based company.

IT Reviews: Independent reviews of IT hardware, software, services etc.
All the reviews carried on the IT Reviews Web site are written by professional IT journalists, each of whom has at least five years' experience in this industry. And what is the difference between IT Reviews and others? Owners of this website say: „Many such sites are spin-offs from printed magazines, and often have to keep advertisers relatively happy. That doesn't necessarily mean saying nice things about a lousy product, but if a magazine like PC Box-Shifter regularly carries ten pages of advertising from Acme Computers, you can bet that when PC Box-Shifter runs a comparative review of a select group of fast PCs, Acme Computers will be one of the participants. Perhaps this doesn't matter too much, but we don't work that way.“

You can find here...
The reviews at IT Reviews are written by professional IT journalists, specialists in their field. „Our reviews are completely honest; we pull no punches. In addition, many of the reviews appear here as much as a month earlier than they would in a printed magazine,“ say the owners.

And what can you read here about? Digital cameras, notebooks, netbooks, software, mobile phones, projectors... Just about everything from IT.

From 2006 have people at the IT Reviews website been giving awards to the best products that pass through their hands, products that they think combine ingenuity, build quality, good design and value for money. The product reviews carrying this logo on IT Reviews are the ones that have so far been awarded this prestigious accolade.

Some more words
The IT Reviews website is intended for viewing by any browser, which should maximise its audience. Only simple, comment-free HTML and small images are used. No Java, ActiveX, DHTML, etc. To get the information from IT Reviews you can go to their homepage – but you can use their RSS feed to get automatic updates whenever a new hardware, software or games review goes live on the site.
(7. 12. 2008 | johnx)

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