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News, tips, software: Get maximum from your iPhone

Do you want to get more from your iPhone? Are you interested in all the big news about iPhone, in new software releases, in iPhone games – simply for all the iPhone stuff? Then don’t miss iPhonehacks webpage where you can find exactly what you are looking for.

iPhone Hacks: All you want to know about your iPhone. Software, news and, yes, some hacks.
If you read iPhone news every day you probably know that Apple might launch the new version of iPhone in June 2009. iPhone Hacks is now getting more proof that Apple is preparing to launch the new version thanks to iPhone developers. And they had also heard rumors that the next generation iPhone could come with Quad-Core processors. But these are not the lone news you can read there...

A few examples
If you are interested in iPhone applications the you may like the informations about Clippy, the impressive iPhone app which brought the missing Copy and Paste feature to the iPhone. Or about iBluetooth which will allow users to simply transfer files from their iPhone to other Bluetooth devices. Or about SendPhotos and Multi-Photo which allow you to email multiple photos from your iPhone simultaneously.

If you are an iPhone games fan, then you probably will read articles about Killer Pool claiming it is the most realistic pool experience on the iPhone. Or – even more probably – about ZodTTD, the iPhone developer who had ported Quake to the jailbroken iPhone, who had announced that he had submitted his free iPhone app to Apple and hoping to get an approval. Bay the way: „Another iPhone Developer, TMSOFT has also ported Quake to the iPhone. They are looking at options of licensing the game from id software and publishing it via the App Store,“ say authors from iPhone Hacks.

What you should know...
These were just some examples. At iPhone Hacks website you can find much more. About iPhone unlocking (have you heard about QuickPwn tool?), about some hacks (hey, VOiPover3G hack allows iPhone Users to Make VOiP Calls over 3G/EDGE/GPRS) and more... Really – if you want to know more about your iPhone then don’t miss this website.
(16. 2. 2009 | editors)

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