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Keyless Vehicles - A Car Thief's Dream is here

According to the FBI, a car is stolen every 40 seconds in the United States. According to the National Insurance Claim Bureau, from 2009 to 2010: 794,616 vehicles were stolen, estimating $5.2 billion in property losses. How can you stay safe? We have a website for you which can help you.

Key Valet: The manufacturer of various automobile security products to prevent car theft.
Since Smart Key’s were, first, put into use by Mercedes-Benz in 1998, their popularity has grown. These vehicles use an electronic signal to allow the owner to unlock and start the car without ever taking the key out of their pocket. Though, the invention has made it easier than ever to get going, they also make you more susceptible to car theft.

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In response to these alarming statistics, Key Valet, have designed a new line of security products to eliminate car theft. It would be an understatement if I was to think car theft was not a primary source of how people actually “make a living”. This is a very sad but truthful fact.

Key Valet’s latest product line targets automobiles with Smart Key technology. When car keys are left on a peg board or in a standard lock box they are only protecting the physical key not the electronic signal within it. Since automobiles that use Smart Key technology only need the remote signal from the key to start it up, a thief can jump in the vehicle without the actual key if that transponder is within signal distance.

Upon entry to the vehicle, all he needs to do is push the button to start. Key Valet has advanced their manufacturing technology with designing a product line that virtually blocks the electronic signal to keep these particular automobiles secure.

Key Valet’s Key Fob Disabling Device is manufactured of a special composite alloy. Its soft, sleek vinyl covering offers added protection as a nice finishing touch. The Key Fob Disabler is small and lightweight making it manageable to transport.

The Key Fob Disabler’s ease of use, allows parking attendants, in particular, to operate more efficiently without restricting their daily operational flow with the sense of a patron’s key being secured. The owner/operator of this nifty device, whether it is a valet attendant or being utilized for private use, maintains the master key, which is the only way to open its self-locking, interchangeable cap. A simple turn of the master key will unlock the cap, easy for you to place your key into. As stated, this ingenious gadget is self-locking making it easy to secure your key. Once inside, the Key Fob signal is blocked and your vehicle will not start protecting it from car theft.

Key Valet offers a variety of personalized options when it comes to their new line of key boxes. These outstanding key boxes have the same unique features as the Disabler. Standard sizes are offered as well as customized shapes/sizes, as Key Valet does all of their own manufacturing and assembly.

The variety of key boxes that they offer can house several Smart Keys at a time, in addition to several options as to where the key boxes would best be suited for use.

The key boxes are a handy alternative to the Key Fob disabler. The compact size car lift box holds up to six keys while a wall mount box holds up to 18 keys. As an added benefit, the wall mount box can actually be made into a transportable valet podium. All of Key Valet’s product line comes with many unique features that can be seen when you visit their website.

A few last words
Although this new generation product line, designed by Key Valet, is targeted for your keyless vehicles, it does have one intriguing selling point. It not only will block the electronic signal for any keyless vehicle on the market today but you have the ability to secure any ignition/key remote into one of these great devices. No need for multiple “security devices” when Key Valet offers an All-In-One Secure Locking System.

When you invest your hard-earned money on purchasing a vehicle, you anticipate having it for a long time. What happens, though, if the need arises to protect your ignition key and you don’t take the proper measures to have that sense of security? You have now created a, potential, unnecessary headache! Welcome to the world of car theft and the very experienced predators that lurk on people that take “my car is safe” for granted. Key Valet’s theft deterrents have been providing automobile security for over 15+ years. It is time that we educate and don’t hesitate. Protect your investment today.

As technology is forever changing within the automobile industry, Key Valet has welcomed the many positive changes they continue to make through product development. Expanding their product line of theft deterrents is easy to do when your customers are always a # 1 priority. All the Products are Made In America.

(22. 8. 2011 | keyvalet)

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