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Free maps for download

Do you need free maps for your web site, smartphone, tablet or PC? Try XXLMaps, they offer exactly this to everyone. Maps of continents, countries and the whole World.

XXLMaps - Maps for download: Maps for free download, for smartphones, tablets, web sites.
Maps are useful in many ways: When studying, when travelling, when planning business... And now you can easily download them as image for free. From

A few examples
For example a free physical map of World shows features of geography of World. But there are not only mountains, seas or rivers, but country borders and some cities as well.

There are some special marks for selected interesting natural spots which you can consider when planning your holidays. In World there are much more of such places, of course and they are working on more free maps which can provide more detailed information for your holidays.

You can download the maps, enlarge them, link to them. As you need.

A few last words
If you need maps to download, definitely try Their authors are preparing more and more maps so everyone should get what he or she needs.
(4. 11. 2015 | editors)

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