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Take a look at Earth photo-album

He always loved the romance of travel. He has traveled to much of the U.S. and Europe and wanted more - Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Macchu Picchu in Peru, and penguins on the ice shelves of Antarctica. While he doesn’t really have the time to go to those places, he used Google maps and Flickr to visit those places virtually – creating a great mashup - A great map-photo-gallery mashup of Google maps and Flickr.
„I released the first version of lifespree explorer about a week and half ago via Soon, it was given a thumbs-up by someone at; in the next week, I received at least 10,000 hits from web stumblers, and was one of the most popular sites (5000+ votes) on stumbleupon for a while,“ wrote the author of in September 2006. And now – in 2009 – his website is still popular, it grows and offers new functionality.

You can find here...
You can visit many of the world places using Just click to any place on the map and shows you photos from this place. Use the map as you are used to – zoom in, zoom out, shift it and then just click – to India, to U.S., to Vietnam etc. And enjoy all the great photos from those places.

But it is not all. You can search for keywords here as well. Are you looking for photos of Indian girls? Click to India and search for girls. Would you like to see Czech buildings? Zoom in to Czech republic (Europe), click to Czech republic and search for buildings. Are you interested in Vietnam flowers? Just go there and search for flowers. And then enjoy them.

What you should know...
If you are a Flickr enthusiast, you can use EarthAlbum to browse any Flickr group by simply constructing a special URL. Users can create their own earthalbum URLs as well. And there is much more to see and to do. If you like and want to know more details about it and about the functions mentioned earlier we recommend you to visit the About page. There you can read author’s blog and find more information about his website.
(7. 1. 2009 | editors)

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