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Convert your MIDI to MP3 online for free

You can create MP3 and WAVE from your standard MIDI files - online and free. Really. And it is very easy! You don't need to download any expensive software or pay for anything. How you can do it? Using the great service we are going to introduce here.

HamieNet: Free Midi to MP3 convertor - online.
Unlike the MIDI format, with the converted MP3 files, you can burn the songs onto CD or import them into your Flash movies. The restriction of MIDI can be overcome by the conversion which is offered by this online service. The MIDI to MP3 conversion is online, free, fast and easy.

How you can use it
It is very easy to use the conversion service. You choose a MIDI file on your computer and then set some options. They are: Sample Width: 8-Bit, 16-Bit, 24-Bit, Sound System: Monophonic, Stereo, Instrument Set, Anti-Alias: On, Off, Volume, Transpose, Tempo and MP3 Bit Rate. And this is all.

Now you just press Convert File button and in a few moments you have your music in MP3 file.

What you should know...
In order to allow everyone to gain access to this function, the number of conversion per day per user are limited. Each MIDI to MP3 or MIDI to WAV conversion subtracts 5 from your credits. If you would like to convert more MIDI a day, you can register and get more credits.
(1. 11. 2012 | editors)

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