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Tell your story in one sentence

Most of the best stories that we tell from our lives have one really, really good part that make the rest of the boring story worth it. The One Sentence web project is about that one line. It is an experiment in brevity. Try it. Love it or hate it.

OneSentence: A website with short stories.
There are hundreds of submissions a week (or hundreds a day if an A-list blogger or a newspaper mentions the site). How many submissions the website accepts? „I'd say it's probably at around 10% right now,“ says the owner. You can read them on the homepage. Some of them are good, some of them are very good and some of them are quite boring. Depends on what you like.

A few examples
Do you need some examples of the one sentence stories? Here they are: Losing my infant daughter was the most pain I've ever been in; her organs saving two babies was the balm that helped my healing and provided hope. (Richard B.) A student tried to stab me, and an administrator harassed me, and because I stuck it out until he asked me to resign, I'm the one with a record. (April) I once cut my friend's hair for free, but he complained so much during the haircut that I shaved letters into the side of his head.(J.R.)

Why some of the stories are not accepted? It's more than one sentence. „Believe it or not, despite One Sentence being the title of the site, people submit multiple-sentence stories. These are flagged by my CMS and I tend to reject those pretty quickly,“ says the owner. Or: „Misspellings or glaring grammatical errors. Unfortunately, I don't have time to fix every poorly capitalized sentence or every misspelled word that comes in.“ And a few other reasons.

A few remarks
This website is about small bite-sized pieces of extraordinary lives and ordinary lives alike. The happy, the sad, the funny, the depressing. Try it. It is inovative, it is interesting, it is worth of your time.
(1. 11. 2009 | editors)

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